Brand (Craftsman Professional), Model (919.165600), Country of Manufacture (United States),

Review (mpn:919.165600) Craftsman Professional 60 gal Model 919.165600 Replacement 240v Engine .

After evaluating cost and sale price. It was missing the 2 air pistons. One of the piston sleeves was damaged and it was also missing the counter balance plates for the pistons and the cooling fan. When the compressor was taken to a repair shop to have it over hauled.

This is a used item. Was looking at around 450. When this item was purchased. I took pictures of the tank and also specs posted to the tank so that you may have an easy match up to your tank if needed.

Was told that this motor work fine and that it needs very little up-keep. It was decided to breakdown and part out. 00 for parts and labor to be repaired. Craftsman professional 60 gal air compressor model 919-165600 240v replacement motor.

They quoted me the price of the replacement parts. And that this motor should last a while. Included with this motor is the aluminum v compressor body that is attache. Was also told that this is a out of production motor.

After test,,,,,,,motor worked great. I had the shop test this motor…..

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  • Brand: Craftsman Professional
  • Model: 919.165600
  • Country of Manufacture: United States


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